Personal Watercraft

This course is delivered from our Brightlingsea training base, and can be completed your own machine!



Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course


Personal Watercraft (aka PWCs, Jetskis) are fast and exciting, but need to be handled with care.

Whether you just want to have a go on holiday or buy your own machine, our Personal Watercraft course will teach you how to get the best from it. Our course is designed for first time and experienced riders alike.

Increasingly the PWC certificate is required for launching in UK harbours, but is also needed if you want to use your PW abroad.


Launching and recovery skills, PW handling, passage planning and decision making, 

high and low speed riding skills, essential safety information, collision avoidance and orientation at sea.

Duration:                       1 Day

Minimum Age:               12*

Assumed Knowledge:     None

Price:                             £180 (On your own Ski)


12-15 year olds will receive the PWC Certificate with the endorsement - "The holder should only use powered craft under the supervision of a responsible adult."



Why Choose Us?

Experience-   We want you to have a great time and great fun learning with us. It needs to be professional,                                    appropriate, worthwhile and fun for you and we work hard to provide this. 

Instructors-   We only use skilled instructors that know their stuff, and want you to enjoy your course.

Location-       We have a great training area. Surrounded by beautiful views, in a sheltered harbour on the                                      renowned East Coast. The best of both worlds- shelter in one direction, and open water the other. It                        has all the facilities for a great course.