We are based at the below location, right next to the water. Our 'on the water' training is delivered in Brightlingsea Harbour. This is an ideal location and provides a great training environment in a whole host of conditions, ranging from sheltered moorings to open water.


For group or company bookings, we may be able to travel to a location that suits you.

Why Choose Us?


Experience-   We want you to have a great time and great fun learning with us. It needs to be professional,                                    appropriate, worthwhile and fun for you and we work hard to provide this. 

Instructors-   We only use a small group of skilled instructors that know their stuff, and want you to enjoy your                              course.

Kit-                We aim to provide really good quality, modern training kit- including our training boats!

Location-       We have a great training area. Surrounded by beautiful views, in a sheltered harbour on the                                      renowned East Coast. The best of both worlds- shelter in one direction, and open water the other. It                        has all the facilities for a great course.  

Brightlingsea Harbour