Powerboat Instructor

RYA Powerboat Instructor Course

Learn how to pass your skills on to new powerboaters, and become a RYA Powerboat Instructor! 

During this three day course, you will learn how to run practical and theory sessions and cover the syllabus required. 

Prior to the course, you will need to pass a Pre-Skills assessment to make sure your boat handling skills are up to scratch. This must be completed within 6 months of the course starting. The dates for this are also on the below booking link. This is a 4 hour assessment, and costs £85. 

Duration:           3 Days

Minimum Age:   16

Price:                 £350 

Location:           Brightlingsea

Instructor Ratio: 1:6 Max

Dates:               On Booking Hound

Required certificates    Pre Skills Assessment (PISA)

                                     First aid certificate

                                     RYA Powerboat Level 2
                                     Health declaration form or medical questionnaire

Experience                    Five seasons experience of powerboating logged (preferably in range of boat types and sizes)                                        OR one season for those who use powerboats as an integral part of their normal full-time                                              occupation.

Pre-entry assessment  Candidates must attend a skills assessment prior to their instructor training course. Details can                                      be found in the RYA Power Schemes Instructor Handbook (G19).

Training course            Three day course assessed by an independent Trainer on the third day.
                                     Candidates who are already qualified as an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor (power) may attend a                                          one day conversion course, rather than the full three day course.

Qualified to teach         Up to and including Powerboat Level 2 under the supervision of the Principal or Chief                                                    instructor. If you hold the Safety Boat Certificate, you may also teach the Safety Boat Course.

Validity                         Five years from date of issue, provided that a valid first aid certificate is maintained.

RYA membership         Required

Health Declaration

You will be asked to sign a health declaration stating that you are not suffering from any physical or mental impairment which has an adverse effect on your ability to properly discharge your duty of care as an instructor. If you are unable to sign the standard declaration, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience-   We want you to have a great time and great fun learning                        with us. It needs to be professional, appropriate,                                    worthwhile and fun for you and we work hard to provide                        this. 

Instructors-   We only use a small group of skilled instructors that                              know their stuff, and want you to enjoy your course.

Kit-                We aim to provide really good quality, modern training                          kit- including our training boats!

Location-       We have a great training area. Surrounded by beautiful                           views, in a sheltered harbour on the renowned East                                Coast. The best of both worlds- shelter in one direction,                        and open water the other. It has all the facilities for a                              great course.  

All courses advertised on this page are run by us- Essex Marine Training Ltd, from our base in Brightlingsea, Essex (unless you have specifically arranged Own Boat tuition with us for another location)