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Sea Survival

How Long?          1 Day

How Many?         1:12 Max, however usually less

How Much?         £180

A one-day course for anyone going to sea, providing an understanding of how to use the safety equipment on board your boat.

A genuine lifesaver!

Boating is one of the safest leisure sporting activities, and 99.9% of those afloat will never use their liferaft. However, if you are part of the unlucky 0.1% your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you understand how to use the equipment and how to help yourself.

It is a well-proven fact that, in the event of an emergency at sea, people with training are more likely to survive.

This course is taught with some classroom input, but an important part of the course is a practical session in a swimming pool. Experience first hand the problems of entering an uncooperative liferaft and assisting others while fully kitted out in wet weather gear and a lifejacket.

We will supply a lifejacket and foul-weather gear, however feel free to use your own equipment to see how it works. 

Course topics include:

  • Liferafts and the equipment they contain

  • Survival Techniques

  • Lifejacket types and designs

  • Medical aspects of Sea Survival

  • Search and Rescue Techniques

sea survival course, liferaft, helicopter

Why Choose Us?



We want you to have a great time and great fun learning with us. It needs to be professional, appropriate, worthwhile and fun for you and we work hard to provide this. 


We only use a small group of skilled instructors that know their stuff, and want you to enjoy your course.


We aim to provide really good quality, modern training kit- including our training boats!


We have a great training area. Surrounded by beautiful views, in a sheltered harbour on the renowned East Coast. The best of both worlds- shelter in one direction, and open water the other. It has all the facilities for a great course.  

All courses advertised on this page are run by us- Essex Marine Training Ltd (unless you have specifically arranged tuition with us for another location). 

On certain occasions, we may link up with another local Recognised Training Centre when offering this course. This is usually when numbers dont quite make a course viable. Instead of cancelling it and inconveniencing you- we will combine forces with our friends. 

You will be made fully aware should any training be carried out by another RTC, and your booking will still be administered through us. 

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